Chiang Mai Foodie Tours


Go where the locals go, Eat what the locals eat.

PT is a fabulous tour guide with amazing personal stories about the work she continues to do to help her Karen community. She brought me to a diverse range of food experiences and helped explain more of what I was eating (and after living here for 4 months, I still really need that!) and how it was cooked. She also ensured that I learned about the different neighborhoods and temples and markets we roamed through, giving me the chance to truly appreciate more of the beauty and history I was seeing by understanding it on a deeper level. I also love that some of the proceeds from this tour go to a charity, the Jasper Kids Home, which helps children (primarily Karen, Thai, Akah, and Lisu) get more educational opportunities, e.g., at a boarding school in Chiang Rai and a boarding house for university students in Chiang Mai (where PT functions as the “dorm mother” and provides support to the students).

Zoe Diacou

Delicious experience in CM, super friendly local guide and great comunication since the first mail! Top plan to introduce you in Thai Food.

Albert Gonzalez

We had an amazing time on the evening tour. Guides were very knowledgeable on the food, ingredients and local regional history. Went to four locations including one temple. Ate at various food stalls plus a local’s restuarant, all by private car transport. Very highly recommended.

Rob Keogh

We had a great time on foodie tours! I learned some new things and ate some awesome food! Will recommend foodie to all our visitors.

Stacy Stauffer Hirschelman

The Chiang Mai Foodie Tour was one of the most memorable tours I have experienced while visiting Asia. The tour guide had immense knowledge of the local cuisine and also in depth knowledge of the local Culture and this made the experience so much richer. As we walked through the market place, the unusual aromas of food, the beautiful flowers, the interaction of the shop keepers, the different tastes of food, many of which I had never tasted before, all contributed to this amazing experience. The final destination on the tour was a local Thai restaurant where we sat back and enjoyed the most delicious, although unusual, meal including ant eggs. I was a little reluctant at first but they were absolutely delicious. If you get the chance make sure they are on your “to do list”. Our guide spoke excellent English, the transport was very comfortable (with air conditioning) and because of this our in-tour communication was very comfortable and easy. I was so impressed with the tour that when my husband joined me, we participated in several other tours conducted by Foodie Tours and we would recommend the Chiang Mai Foodie Tour as something that you must do when you visit Chiang Mai.

Lesley Judge – Sydney, Australia

What an amazing tour company! Proceeds help support Jasper Kids Foundation as well as provide jobs for its students. It was so nice to hit the ground running with one of their foodie tours on our first day. We were able to get a feel for Chiang Mai, learn about its history and culture, and fill ourselves with delicious and sometimes odd cuisine. The flavors and sights we experienced were just incredible! And we actually used their services three separate times during our visit. Not only are they known for foodie tours, but they can also put together daily excursions based on your interests…And of course, they will know of a fabulous food choice in the area you want to visit! They picked us up at our door and we instantly felt comfortable. All of our needs were met from bottled water to gloves so we could try some stinky Durian fruit. Each guide spoke English well and had a wealth of knowledge to share. They truly helped make our time in Chiang Mai memorable. Can’t wait to go on another adventure with them!

Lisa C. Colorado, USA

Chiang Mai Foodie Tours is a top-notch tour of Chiang Mai that gives you insights into the Buddhist world, allows you to taste the unique flavors of Thailand, and tour ancient ruins. We loved spending the day with Noot, who picked us up, drove us around town, and explained in great detail aspects of her beloved country that we would never have discovered on our own. We have gone twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time around. A must-do for those new to Thailand, here for a short stay, and even long time residents.

Rhonda Cochran Texas, USA

We love Chiang Mai Foodie Tours for so many reasons. They have great English, so they are easy to work with. They are dependable. I have set up tours for myself and several friends and Foodie Tours have always arrived early at the pick up spot. We had no worrying about whether we would enjoy our trip for the day. They are comfortable. CM Foodie Tours provides clean, comfortable vehicles to transport you from place to place with experienced drivers who care about your safety. They are prepared. They carry with them everything you might need in a day of touring and eating, from safe drinking water to wet wipes to clean off those fingers after a delightful treat. They are knowledgeable. Khun Noot and her staff and well trained in the history of Chiang Mai (and other parts of Thailand too) and have found some of the best kept secrets for eating northern Thailand foods. And best of all, the proceeds from their work goes to support a good cause, children’s homes.

Sue Houser California, USA

Great food, great experience, great knowledge about Thai culture! I really recommended this tour package to anyone who want to visit beautiful Chiang Mai!

Eunice Joo Denver, USA

As one of two leaders of several travelers coming from the United States it was a great pleasure to have Noot and her company recommended to us while in Chiang Mai Thailand. Although the company’s name is Chiang Mai Foodie Tours we had Noot arrange other tours for us none of them regarding food. I can only think of wonderful things to say about our experience with Noot, the other staff, drivers, and the tours she arranged for us. She and her staff spoke English well, were incredibly professional, yet friendly and fun to be with, and knew their business well. We arranged several day trips ranging from 6 to up into the 30s, adults and children. Everything ran smoothly with all of the tours, with the staff arriving on time with clean vehicles and friendly service. As we anticipate other trips to Thailand we intend to use Noot and her company for all of our touring needs. I trust her and appreciate her kindness. And one of these times I will arrange a “foodie” tour (her specialty!). Thank you Noot.

Joyce Pagel California, USA

We spent a wonderful half day with Foodie Tours and our guide Noot on the 3Wat 3King tour in Chiang Mai. We were looking for genuine historical, cultural, and religious insights and this tour met and exceeded our expectations. The information that Noot shared as part of the tour was professionally delivered and she graciously answered all the questions we pelted her with throughout the tour. Our curiosity and even our ignorance didn’t dampen her enthusiasm. The tour was well organized and carefully planned so we fit in both the sites in the downtown city area as well as the sites outside of the city. We highly recommend Noot and her tour company to travelers to Chiang Mai. We were additionally blessed to know that the proceeds went to support the Jasper Kids Foundation.

Ed & Kathy Grudier – Virginia, USA

I often host guests from other parts of the world, so I am always on the look-out for creative selections for interesting entertainment during their stay. A local friend of mine told me about Chiang Mai Foodie Tours and I was intrigued. When setting the schedule for my next batch of guests, I ran this option by them. This was a business trip with very few hours for leisure – an outing with Chiang Mai Foodie Tours was their number 1 choice. I decided I, too, wanted to see what Chiang Mai Foodie Tours was all about. Our experience was truly wonderful – informative, relaxing, delicious, educational, interactive, and full of variety. I learned more in a few hours than I have in the five years I have lived here! I can not say enough about this positive experience. I look forward to accompanying my next batch of friends on another Foodie Tour!

Lu Hawley – Chiang Mai transplant from Portland, Oregon USA

Chiang Mai Foodie Tours created the perfect northern Thailand experience for our family vacation. We went on the Original Chiang Mai Foodie Tour and had a fun and educational time learning about the food and culture of Thailand. Our guide, Noot, was extremely knowledgeable about northern Thai cuisine and the history & culture of the region. We had such a great first experience that we signed up for the Chiang Mai Adventure Half-Day Tours and spent an unforgettable afternoon riding elephants and getting up close and personal with tigers. We finished our time in northern Thailand with the Chiang Mai Foodie’s Ultimate Private Tour visiting the breathtaking countryside and the white temple in Chiang Rai. All of the tours were top notch and the staff was professional, knowledgeable, and treated us like family. Plus, we loved that Chiang Mai Foodie Tours is connected to a local nonprofit organization that serves underprivileged youth in the region. Thank you Chiang Mai Foodie Tours for an unforgettable experience.

Annie Moon – New Jersey, USA

Our time with Chiang Mai Foodie tours was the highlight of our family’s trip to Thailand. We learned about the history and details of Northern Thai cuisine at a wonderful local restaurant on our first day in the region. We felt like we were getting a “behind-the-scenes” view into the food, and local culture of Northern Thailand. Our guide, Noot, was incredibly knowledgable, and such a hospitable host. From eating at a variety of amazing local restaurants, to delicious street food, to riding elephants as part of our Adventure Half-Day Tour, to visiting the countryside and the White Temple in Chiang Rai as part of Chiang Mai Foodie’s Ultimate Private Tour Package (with lunch at the beautiful Singha Park)–we have memories to treasure for a lifetime. Chiang Mai Foodie Tours, we hope to visit you again soon!

Jason Henry – New Jersey, USA

I recently went on the Chiang Mai Foodie Tour and truly enjoyed myself! Khun Noot is very knowledgable on the history of Thai culture and easily explained the meaning behind many of the statues and art work. I enjoyed tasting the various types of Thai delicacies and learning how they are made. Khun Noot is very accommodating and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend Chiang Mai Foodie Tours to anyone visiting or living in Chiang Mai. You won’t be disappointed!

Melissa Short – Arizona, USA

Chiang Mai Foodie tours is the best! Noot was our tour guide of 13 people and she organized and handled every stop along the way professionally and with great detail. At every stop, the restaurants were ready for our group and the food was delicious. My favorite stop on the tour was the historic Kao Soi restaurant. Kao Soi is a classic curry noodle dish exclusively from Northern Thailand and the food here, especially the coconut jelly ice cream was absolutely delicious! For the entire tour, Noot explained the current trends and history of Thai culture. As a local, Noot answered every question – from the ingredients of the food to the architecture. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, organized, and has a great sense of humor. Can’t wait to come back to Thailand to be taken care of Noot and her loving family again!

Anthony Chen – Maryland, USA

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